Ted Swendson

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We are sad to report the passing of Ted Swendson on Saturday evening, February 17th, 2018.  Ted has been a huge supporter of the High Country Carriage Driving Club ever since its inception.  Ted was very generous with his time and resources in supporting the driving community.  He hosted many events and activities at his driver friendly facility including clinics, competitions, sleigh drives, fun days and more.  He was instrumental in designing and building our competition courses, mentoring many drivers and engaging in many activities promoting the sport of driving.  Ted even built carriages incorporating his vast knowledge of vehicles and how they should work. Ted and Yvette collected and maintained a beautiful carriage collection which showcased the traditions and history of driving.  Ted took great pleasure in driving these wonderful vehicles and could often be seen driving the ladies to tea at a nearby golf course in lovely big road coach drawn by his beloved Fjords. Ted enjoyed competing in Pleasure Shows and any other events where he could drive his traditional vehicles.  Ted and Yvette were regulars in the Calgary Stampede Parade entertaining the crowd with their festive calliope expertly played by Yvette while Ted drove the 6 up of Fjords.  Ted and Yvette also made many trips to the US with their Fjords and coaches to participate in events showcasing the tradition of driving and often came home with awards. 

Drive on Ted